WhatsApp postpones new privacy policy till May-end

The February 8 deadline for the new privacy terms for WhatsApp users has been shifted. WhatsApp’s announced that they are moving the date to May.

WhatsApp’s users are given a lifeline till May ending

Popular message application WhatsApp,’ has announced on Saturday that it has shifted the implementation of its privacy terms which caused a lot of protest and backlash till May ending from February 8.


The new policy was announced via notices sent to customers, which ask them to adhere to the new policy by February 8 or lose their accounts. However, the announcement was met with various protests with many calling WhatsApp to order.


Some users claim that WhatsApp wants to do something similar to identity and data theft. This act they feel infringes on their right and privacy which they heavily frown at.


But WhatsApp clarified that such rules were needed to push businesses particularly those using WhatsApp for business which was introduced in 2018 to connect business and customers.


But it seems WhatsApp is having a rethink as it’s reviewing the policy. They said that no account will be suspended by February 8, and they will do more to clear users’ doubts. Their spokesperson said that when a final decision is made by May, users will review the terms at their own pace without compulsion.

Indian trade union files case against WhatsApp

In India though, a case has been filed against WhatsApp privacy terms.


This case was filed by the confederation of Indian Traders who want the Supreme Court to decide if these terms don’t infringe on individuals’ privacy. Furthermore, privacy experts are concerned that there are different sharing policies for people from Europe, India, and Africa.


Some industry watchers have pointed out that the launching of a new NGO message app: Signal may be a key reason why WhatsApp is having a rethink. The new app has been downloaded by millions already in Asia and Europe.

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