Uganda’s election: Rival Bobi Wine afraid for his life after President Museveni’s victory

Last week’s declaration of Uganda’s incumbent Yoweri Museveni victory has thrown rivals into fear. Mr. Bobi Wine has said his and the family life are not safe.

My life is in Danger—Bobi Wine

The main opposition candidate in the last presidential election in Uganda, Mr. Bobi Wine has raised alarm over his safety and that of his family. Following the victory of the president at the polls on Friday, he asserted that he no longer feels safe in his country.


The former musician told reporters that the results are a sham, and he rejects them entirely. He said it is visible that there are many irregularities about the election Mr. Yoweri called fair. There were several reports that the elections were heavily rigged by security personnel and were marred by various violence in key states like Kampala. Before the election, social.


The media was banned and the internet shut off, giving credence to rigging allegations. Election observers called the election very biased and said some of their members were harassed. A top official of the government said internet services will be available soon.

The government has placed Bobi on house arrest

In a phone interview with BBC, Robert Kyagukanyi (Bobi Wine) has said several threats have been made on his life and that of his close supporters. He also mentioned that he wasn’t allowed to leave his home and that security forces were always monitoring him. Also, no one is allowed to visit him nor leave his house which includes journalists and supporters.


Bobi said he has in his possession videos of all frauds committed during the election immediately after internet services are on. However, responding to allegations of fraud, the president has said this is untrue and that foreign agents want to destroy the democracy they have in Uganda.

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